An African based
investment firm

8 Broad Street Capital’s team brings operational expertise, industry focus & a theme-based approach to investing in Africa. We seek businesses with strong fundamentals where the performance can be improved. We finance acquisitions with little, or no, borrowings and thrive to improve the business through a mixture of additional investment & operational focus. We work actively in partnership with shareholder foundations & all stakeholders to build value.

Theme-Based Investment Approach

Anticipating significant increases in consumption in some African cities & countries, we focus on companies that rely on domestic demand rather than volatile commodity producers or exporters.

Discretionary income

In Emerging Markets economists have identified a “sweet spot” where savings rates fall and consumption rises and the level is at a GDP per capita of $5,000±. The sweet spot is the level where consumers have new found discretionary income & where the country has become organised & rich enough to start providing social security. At the sweet spot consumption rises significantly.

Demographics & Urbanisation

The demographics in Africa are startling and not just in terms of fertility rates and population increases. Two areas to highlight are falling dependency ratios as the proportion of the population that goes to work rises; and, increased urbanisation. Africa is forecast to see the fastest increase in urbanisation of any continent.

We target businesses that serve domestic consumer demand as these businesses are not correlated to global growth.
These businesses are found in 3 sectors:





8 Broad Street’s strategy is to identify and invest in opportunities that are well-positioned for profitable, long-term growth. Our operational expertise is deployed to support management in improving operational focus and to drive growth. We use our capital markets expertise to fund expansion & investment and as our preferred route for monetisation.


pipeline and readily


Seek businesses
their potential


Deploy 8BSC’s own
management capacity
to improve operating


Grow market share
in a sustainable


Be flexible on timing
but monetise investments
and return value
to shareholders

Partnership-Based Investing

By partnership-based investing we mean:

1. Investor alignment

We are aligned with existing shareholders as we invest alongside them in a corporate structure. Our investors have the same value-set as the existing shareholders and that partnership allows us to build value for the long-term.

2. Patient

We represent patient capital that can weather the economic and FX cycles prevalent in Africa; we are not time-based investors with a specific timetable for exit..

3. Operational improvement

Relentless focus on working with management to improve operational focus and to drive growth.

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